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LinkedIn introduces voice messaging on the mobile app

Following on from the introduce of QR codes on LinkedIn (see our blog here), the latest new function on the mobile app to be introduced is the ability to record and send a voice message.

This is an easy function to use, you just need to find the connection you want to message on LinkedIn, click message and then look for the microphone symbol and click on this. You will then get this screen:

Hold the blue microphone button to record and once you have finished recording your message just let go and it will send the voice message. You can at any time cancel the recording before you send it by sliding away from the microphone symbol while holding down.

This new function is handy if you want to send a message while on the go as it may be more convenient than typing, and ultimately it is quicker to talk than it is to type. It is also sometimes easier to express yourself better by a voice message rather than via email/message.

There is a limitation on voice message in that the message can’t be any longer than a minute, but other than that it is easy to use for both you and the recipient of your voice message – they will get a message in their LinkedIn inbox to say they have a voice message and just need to click on the message to hear it.

At this stage we can’t see any downside to this function, but do let us know your thoughts if you’ve come across any issues when using it.

12 August 2018