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LinkedIn founder says most users are doing it wrong!

Interestingly Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, said last week that most users are doing LinkedIn wrong by connecting to everyone! He said …

“LinkedIn is a closed network, and for a very simple reason: For the network to have value as an introduction tool, the connections need to have meaning. It’s up to you to vet each and every request so that if someone comes to you and says, ‘Would you introduce me?’ you’re in a position to evaluate whether the connection would be of mutual benefit.”

If you start connecting with people you don’t know, how can you leverage that relationship to get introduced to their connections? The second level relationships on LinkedIn are full of opportunities and the access to them is your level one connections.

How do you know if the people you’re connecting to are good people? Would being connected to them reflect well on you?  Imagine meeting me at a conference or convention and I am hanging around with people you don’t value or rate. Would you still make a beeline to come and talk to me? Perhaps not. Remember, your network reflects you and your value. If you connect to people you don’t know be warned that they might embarrass you, as well as spam you or exploit your connections.

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