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LinkedIn finally makes a star of messages!

How often have you had a message on LinkedIn come in and think I need to do that .. and then have to scroll through and struggle to find it later? Well fear no more, LinkedIn has released stars.

We’ve always had the option to mark messages as unread but now there is a new option, to star a message and it is a really simple process.

If you want to flag a message with a star there are two ways to do it:-

  • If you’re reading the message, in the top right of the reading pain there is an open, unfilled star and if you click on it, it will go filled and yellow to indicate it has been starred. Available on mobile and laptop / desktop and you can see an example at the bottom of this blog with it highlighted.
  • If you’re using the laptop / desktop you can also select the three greys dots beside each message and then select star – as you can see in the image below

Starring them is good but then what? Well the good news is that you can use the messaging filter shown below to filter and show you just the starred messages – Perfect! See below

Not all of the changes LinkedIn implements are good, but this one certainly is!

As you start to use LinkedIn more effectively you will start to get (and send) more messages and hence a way to mark the messages that you need to act on is a good step we think – well done LinkedIn!

If you’re on one of our programmes or courses you will be learning about this soon as we’ve already updated all of our education materials, but if you want to learn how to make LinkedIn work for your team or you, just get in touch.

7 March 2023