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LinkedIn Events RIP, but will it be missed?

I have to say – thank goodness! Too many people created an event and expected magical things to happen (a bit like some peoples’ interaction on LinkedIn). Being present, creating a little content is simply not enough.

So now LinkedIn have announced that the functionality is dead as of 26th November, what do you do? Well obviously EventBrite  (although you could always tie that into LinkedIn events anyhow), but there are other ways you can still promote your event:

• Personal update message, tell your entire network what your thinking, shaping the event, when it is coming, in just a week and it’s here

• Groups, you would never contrive an event without asking the audience about content, venue, style and more, would you? Well groups is a great place to start the discussion, to interact and share, but importantly not promote or you will get flagged.  Start a discussion and interact openly on the discussion thread and also replying privately to respondents to start more discussion.

• Company pages, it could be a product of your company, a status message from the company, a banner to click on, a promotion and more, there are so many channels through a good company profile (but much of the good content is less than obvious, perhaps come on a course?

• Answers, the global questions and answers forum can be used like a potential super group. Interact in the Q&A space to ask the wonderful cornucopia of LinkedIn 180m plus users for insights and advice on your events, but again don’t overtly promote.

I actually don’t think anyone will miss LinkedIn events – will you miss it? The people that will miss them are those that created an event and then wondered why it never filled. Those that can make LinkedIn really work won’t, they will just do more of the above, now you can too.

What have you found works well for promoting events on LinkedIn?