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LinkedIn – asking for even more information …

One of the common failings of people trying to make LinkedIn really work for them is that they don’t put enough focus on their profile and use of the platform.

For all those people that I have had the pleasure of seeing at a LinkedIn Essentials Course or quietly written or polished their profile will have no worries in this regard, but for everyone else LinkedIn has given people the option to ask for more information.

To overcome empty or hollow profiles LinkedIn has given you the option to ask people for more information about their experience, skills, education or to ask them for their company information. This feels very much focussed on allowing head hunters (grrr) to approach you in different ways, but heh ho they have to make their income to make it free for most of us somehow.

I think that this could be really good for finding out if the person you think you want to meet is indeed the right person, but as always you need to think carefully about how you approach, language and behaviour.

It is nice to see them evolving the platform again, three things in a week now.