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Linkathon : Giving the gift of relationship on LinkedIn


At this time of year we often think of gifts, cards and new beginnings – more so than any other time of year.

Rather than give cards, gifts or other trinkets we thought we would start something new, something valuable, long-lasting and having a real impact. Reid Hoffman talks about small gifts in his book and this is our way of sharing our gifts and helping others to share theirs too.

Every month we are going to take time out of our busy diaries to introduce people we know to other people we know. It is something we have always done on a one to one basis but now we are going to do it bigger, do it better and try to start something by getting others we know to do it too – say hello to Linkathon.

To be part of Linkathon  all you have to do is introduce the nice people you know to other people you know or have met. Just put some time aside each month to be part of Linkathon.

Call it “paying it forward”, call it “givers gain” or do as we do and simply do the right thing.

For us relationships are the most important things in the world, they unlock everything else, more nice people, more friends, more clients and more happiness.

It is something we have always done and we know it works, so now more formally once per month we are going to be part of Linkathon ourselves, start joining the dots, investing more in the people we know to drive their success and to invest a little of our time in helping them.

So the gauntlet is thrown to you now, will you be part of Linkathon and make a real difference to the people you know?



6 thoughts on “Linkathon : Giving the gift of relationship on LinkedIn

  1. Allison Galbraith

    Hi James. Great idea. I’ll do this. It will be interesting to see how much business is generated this way compared to ‘normal’


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