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Is your company hiding its value on LinkedIn?

One of the discussions I have most often with people is around company profiles – why they don’t have one, or why they have tried to create one, but wrongly used a personal profile.

As an example here is ours.

Even when I am reviewing a companies activity or branding during a consultancy session I am often surprised at how poorly the company profile functionality is used. Most companies on LinkedIn barely scratch the surface of the functionality to help them to engage clients, demonstrate their services / products and address their audience appropriately.

  • It is a rich source of brand and capability that appears on the profile of all of the company employees on LinkedIn.
  • It can share rich YouTube content as an overview about the company.
  • You can list all of your products or services with lots of description, specific branding for that element and relevant YouTube content.
  • Capture the recommendations of happy clients so that these can be shared with all the viewers of your company profile.
  • Present the wrapper of the company profile in context with the audience, for example if you look from the UK you get one view (including English language, English language banners and currency) but  if you look from the US you get another view (American English, dollars etcetera) you can tailor the view to the audience by profile.
  • See the analytics of whom has looked, their companies and what they found interesting

Often people struggle to engage this functionality fully but if you need some help you might want to check out our company profile course or talk to us about some help.