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Industry categories on LinkedIn

There are a lot of, in fact 147, industry categories on LinkedIn and when we teach people simply don’t know what industries are represented and are often surprised at which are big and which are not! You might enjoying reading about the top ten if you haven’t before.

The range is quite diverse but definitely American in nature hence ranching and transport / trucking / railroads but before you giggle you might want to look harder.

For example f you’re from the UK we have over 2,000 ranchers and over 186,000 from transport / trucking / railroads (and that excludes railroad manufacturing and logistics which LinkedIn categorises differently).

We’ve listed them alphabetically so you can see them all below:

Many people are simply shocked at the depth of information for intelligence, market sizing and more once you’ve learned to use LinkedIn properly, and all this, together with thousands of potential referrals, you can get for free!

If you’re struggling with LinkedIn and want to make it work for your organisation or yourself perhaps we should talk?

6 March 2018