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I love LinkedIn and its algorithm(s)

I think “the” poor algorithm on LinkedIn takes an unfair bashing when it performs a vital role in making LinkedIn work for everyone.

Imagine for a moment, all those connections that you have, all their interactions, their posts, and updates appearing constantly on your homepage feed – it would be manic, massively busy and nigh on impossible to find the “good stuff” in amongst all the noise.

Algorithms insulate you from this, by aping some human behaviours, making sure that the posts you see are (mostly) the people you interact with (yep that’s a factor), have a relationship with in some way and no it doesn’t always get it right but you can influence that by interacting more with your own network (it is a network not an audience) or using the notification bell feature to request more of their (or their business) posts.

Not only does an algorithm shape what you see on your homepage, but it also shapes who sees what you post, running some hygiene checks, test audience samples and slowly rolling it out across your connections, if the previous audience read it – you didn’t think it went to all of them did you? Sorry, that is not how it works.

Without algorithms you would lose sight of the people you know. If you want to see more of people then set the flag to do so, follow them and more but if you want to learn more about algorithms and the vital role they play just shout – it’s not a mystery it is more human than that.

17 April 2024