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How to turn off the comment option or manage comments on your LinkedIn post

Following our blog about how you can control who sees your posts, you can also decide who can comment on a post, delete a comment or disable comments completely.

This was originally brought into LinkedIn as a way for those companies with a less than ideal reputation to stop any less positive comments being left on one of their posts by turning off that option. This was then rolled into personal accounts too.

It is worth stating that LinkedIn comments are generally a good, positive thing within LinkedIn as they endorse your views and ripple that comment (and your post) to that person’s network through their feed – spreading your post to a wider audience. If they’re not as positive as you might hope, we will deal with them a little later in this blog.

If you want to control the comment option when you go to create a post, select the “Anyone” button at the bottom of the create a post page (see below):

You will then get a dropdown menu which gives you three options (see below).

If you choose Anyone this means anyone on LinkedIn can comment on your post, alternatively you can choose for Connections only to have the ability to comment and hence if one of your connections comments on your post it stops there and doesn’t go any further.

Finally, you can choose for no one to comment so the option is not present.

The option you choose will be your default setting for future posts, but you can easily change this on your next post by changing the Who can comment on your post option.

You also have the option to change the who can comment on an existing post by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of your post (see below), then choose the Who can comment on this post option (see below):

If there is a comment on one of your posts that you feel is not constructive, there are two possible solutions – if you amend the option on “Who can comment on this post?” and choose the No one option this will remove the comment, but please note it will also remove all other comments too, but there is another option.

If you click the three grey dots beside the comment you wish to remove you will find the delete option (see below):

If you select that option you can either reply (and keep the comment) or choose delete as highlighted below:

The delete option removes that comment completely but retains all other comments.

A lot of time LinkedIn gives you more control, more options and better results when you know where to look, and we hope you find this blog helpful to manage your comments, but if you want to learn even more don’t hesitate to get in touch.

13 June 2022