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How to take your contact data back from LinkedIn.

It is quite easy to inadvertently give LinkedIn all your contacts details.  Sometimes it overtly asks and other times it’s less obvious like when you install the app.

If you have already imported your contacts into LinkedIn from an external address book there may come a time when you want to delete one from your LinkedIn imported contacts page.

To do this you first need to click on “My Network” at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, see below:

Then you need to click on “See all” which is below your connections on the left-hand side:

Next click on the “Managed synced and imported contacts” which is near the top right of the page, see below:

You will then see a list of your contacts in alphabetical order.  Click on “Imported” or “Synced” at the top as this will show you the sets of data you may have imported from mobile phone contacts and more, or synced from your email accounts or lists. You can then select the box next to the name of the contact or contacts you want to delete.

Click the “Delete selected” button near the bottom of the page and a popup window will appear which gives you the option to “Delete selected”.  Once you’ve clicked on this your contact will have been removed from LinkedIn.

31 July 2017