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How to stop receiving invites to join LinkedIn (or invites on the wrong email)

Not everyone wants to be a member of LinkedIn, yet sometimes you can keep receiving invitation emails to join again and again and, if you’ve no intention of joining LinkedIn, it can be a pain .. but you can stop it.

LinkedIn has a way to block it by simply hitting unsubscribe here and filling in the box that appears (see below):

Or you can click the Unsubscribe link in the footer of any of the emails that you have received.

Why does it happen?

LinkedIn members are identified by their email – it’s your unique identifier so if you are receiving invitations to join LinkedIn via email then someone is using that email to find you, but if you already have a LinkedIn account it can still happen too – for example if you registered on LinkedIn with your work email and you now receive invites on your personal email.

The Fix

It could be because your second email address (such as a personal or different work email) isn’t associated with your current LinkedIn account and hence LinkedIn doesn’t recognise you so sends you an email as opposed to just receiving it within LinkedIn, but you can have more than one email on your account and we’d suggest that you include all the email addresses by hitting this link  https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/email

But don’t worry as no one can see them, just the primary one you’ve selected and even then only when you are connected to them at level one.

If you are receiving invitations to join LinkedIn which have been sent to an email address not on your LinkedIn account, you have two options:

Option 1 (Recommended): As an example you can add your personal email address as a secondary email to your LinkedIn account. You’ll then stop receiving guest invitations to join LinkedIn on that email but will now receive all your invitations to join as connection requests within LinkedIn itself as LinkedIn recognises you via your work and personal emails. To add a second email address hit the link above.

Option 2: If you simply don’t want to receive any invites you can unsubscribe that email address. When you unsubscribe from LinkedIn email communications, you will stop receiving invitations from LinkedIn from users that have used that email to identify and invite you.

One to watch out for though – if you unsubscribe your personal email address from notifications and your friends / family join LinkedIn and use the suggested contacts aspect you might miss out on an invite, if you want to use LinkedIn.

We’d definitely suggest going with option 1 as this makes you more you and hence everyone that wants to connect with you can find you although if you’re not on LinkedIn and don’t want to then go for option 2.

Hope that helps!

18 November 2020