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How to save a LinkedIn post so you can read it later

We have all done it, scrolled through the LinkedIn home page feed spotted an article we want to read and thought ace I will read that later …. Only to not be able to find it when we look later … grr very annoying.

LinkedIn sometimes listens to feedback and they have created the option to save a post so that you can find it later. It is a simple process and works well across both mobile and desktop experience.

Firstly, saving a post is really simple as you can see below. Look at a post you want to keep click the three grey dots top right (highlighted) and then select ‘Save’:

Ok so, having saved it, where do you go to get it back and read it? Well there are two options. On the mobile click on the small image of your face to look at your own profile and under the dashboard section you will see ‘Saved items’ and within there are the items you want to read. See below:

The desktop and laptop experience are much easier to access. From the LinkedIn homepage you will see saved items just under your small profile picture and statistics on the left-hand side. See below:

Our view on this is that it is great, we’ve all seen a post we want to get back and read later as we’re sometimes running around, and this is a simple solution to that problem.

Give it a go and have a play within your own LinkedIn account.

1 May 2020