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How to ruin your reputation with recommendations on LinkedIn

Now before you say “hang on James you said recommendations were good” –  yes they are but…

There are recommendations and there are recommendations.

When I was reviewing a company’s presence on LinkedIn their most recommended person had 24 recommendations, (look at my profile picture below to see where the number of recommendations is shown on a profile)

but under close inspection all of these recommendations were from her own team or subordinates.  Bad news.  Your brain immediately discounts these endorsements as they may have been extracted at gun point!


On further inspection I could also see how many recommendations she had written, now I know you won’t be surprised at 25, so obviously one of her staff didn’t reciprocate!

The other place that LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate the credibility and impression of others is in your company profile and here your happy clients can endorse your range of products and services.

So are recommendations still good? Well yes, but only ones that have value, that have credibility such as partners and happy clients.

What’s your experience been of recommendations on LinkedIn?


2 thoughts on “How to ruin your reputation with recommendations on LinkedIn

  1. Vickie Westbrooks

    So I have been on LinkedIn for about a month. Just went premium and am looking for a job. I have two very good recommendations for two business people but they didn’t know what they were doing and put them in the wrong place. I am happy with what they said but can I move where they put there recommendations? I really need to get this done as soon as possible. I will be sending out my first resume today for a job that I know I can get. Thanks in advance for any help! Vickie

    1. James Potter

      Dear Vickie, Apologies for the tardy response, for some reason the comments haven’t been showing to me. If they have put the recommendations against the wrong roles you can move them but it is a bit convoluted to explain, you need to delete a role (with them on), orphan them, re create the role (cut and paste is good) and then if you go into recommendations (via your own profile) you can re allocate them. Hope that helps and good luck! Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

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