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How to remove ex employees from your LinkedIn Company Page

One of the most common questions I am asked by administrators at the end of our company profile course is how to remove the ex employees that are still showing on their company profile.

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LinkedIn doesn’t make it obvious, or easy, to make it happen but does have some processes in place to help you once you know where to look and what to do. To be fair, it is not LinkedIn’s fault that the ex employee is still showing.

When employees join you and amend their personal profiles they appear on your company LinkedIn profile, reflecting the real time and size of the business. If they don’t amend their personal profile when they leave they will still show as working at your company.

I am a fan of asking the ex employee first, most often people have just forgotten or go on to create another profile (you should only ever have one profile – if you have two then you need to read this blog).

If you don’t get anywhere with the ex employee there is a simple process to address the issue by filing a formal complaint about a profile, using a form that LinkedIn makes available here for false profile reporting. This flags to LinkedIn that a profile is erroneous, they will investigate and action – it can take a little while for LinkedIn to process but it is the best way.

If you want to make life easier for yourselves in the future I would suggest you make an addendum to the terms and conditions for employees to say that they amend all online and offline profiles to reflect that they have left the business. It really helps for future leavers.