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How to remove a Twitter account from your LinkedIn profile

We’ve all done it, got excited about a new platform, added it to our LinkedIn and proudly shown off that Twitter logo for years.

Now a few years on we might not be so active, so present, and hence it might be time to take that Twitter link off our LinkedIn profile – but how?

Well the good news is that it is really simple if you follow these steps:

  • On the desktop / laptop version head up to the small picture of you, top right, left click where it says me and then select Settings & Privacy.
  • When that puts you into the settings, select Account preferences top right and scroll down to Partners & services highlighted below.
  • Select Twitter, it’s second on the menu, and then select change on the right.

  • You can then either hide, by unticking the Display on your profile? box, or chose to remove your Twitter account, or even add another, and this will instantly be reflected in your profile.

If you want a sneaky shortcut you can just hit this link https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/twitter-accounts and it takes you right to the right place!

It is always worth considering what is within your profile, how well it reflects you and if you want to check how it compares with over 16,000 others you might want to try our free profile test here https://thelinkedinman.com/linkedin-profile-test/

15 February 2022