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How to put your most important role first on your LinkedIn profile

It so important to have your current focus role first in your experience section.

f you have more than one role (present is how LinkedIn describes them, but you and I might say current roles) then LinkedIn makes the most recent addition to your experience your primary role.

Hence when you post, comment, or interact in a group it is that role that is mentioned and associated with it – which might not be ideal, or even appropriate.

The good news is that it is really easy to change the display order of your current roles and whilst we have written a blog about this historically (see here) LinkedIn is always changing and the way to do this has evolved too. So, here’s an updated set of instructions for you:

  • If you go to view your profile (from PC/Mac hit “me” and view profile in the top menu – from mobile hit the small picture of you, most often in the top menu)
  • Then scroll down to your experience section and hit the small pencil on the top right
  • Then select the little pair of arrows pointing up and down (see below)


  • You can then drag to rearrange the roles by left click and hold the parallel lines (on PC/Mac) or hold your finger on it and drag (on mobile)


  • When you drop it in place that will maintain that position going forwards.

As with most things LinkedIn, it’s quite simple when you know how, but it never ceases to amaze us how many times we can help people get the progress, leads, sales, or staff from LinkedIn with a little insight and help.

If you need some help with LinkedIn than don’t hesitate to get in touch here

6 September 2022