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How to NOT tell your network when you update your profile.

We always encourage people to review their LinkedIn profile on a regular basis as things change and aspects of their profile might need updating. For example, a new job title, a new role in a different company, a new profile photograph as the old one doesn’t have enough grey hairs showing (maybe that’s just me??!!).

However, you might not want people to know about the changes you have made, for example, you might be embarrassed by the number of grey hairs you now have, and you can simply choose to turn off the notification that goes out to your network about any profile changes.

To do this, click on the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, select Setting & Privacy and click the Visibility tab on the left:

Under Visibility of your LinkedIn activity, click Share profile updates with your network and switch the toggle to off to stop sharing your profile edits:

And then the changes all happen quietly from this point going forwards.

However, once you have made those quiet changes don’t forget to go back around those steps and turn it back on as otherwise when you get that fabulous new role, the glorious profile picture updated, and more then you won’t be telling your network about it.

14 November 2023