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How to manage the emails you receive from LinkedIn

Do you feel like you receive too many emails from LinkedIn? If so, there is a simple way to reduce the number of emails you receive from them, and also manage the types of emails you would like to receive.

To do this follow these simple steps:

1) Click the “Me” icon at the top right of your LinkedIn homepage with your little picture just above it.
2) Then select settings and privacy, as highlighted in the image below.

3) Then select notifications on the lefthand side, as you can see in the image below.

4) You will see a list of categories you can work through to choose which emails you would like to receive (switch the toggle next to each option you’d like to receive emails about) and then select the frequency you would like to receive them.

As an example, we have chosen Posting and Commenting, then selected Comments and Reactions to show you what it looks like below.

A great way to minimise the time spent trawling through emails you have no interest in receiving or receive too often!

Whilst we think LinkedIn is great, we want everyone to use it efficiently and effectively to reach their desired outcome and this might help 😊

19 October 2023