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How to hide your email address on LinkedIn

Did you know you have the option to control who can see your email address on your LinkedIn profile?

There are in fact 4 options to choose from so you can be very specific as to who has access to your email address and who doesn’t.

To set your preference click on the Me icon under your photograph on the top right-hand side of your homepage. 

From the drop down list choose Settings & Privacy, then select the Privacy option at the top of the page.

You then need to choose the “Who can see your email address” option under “How others see your profile and network information” – see below:

You’ll then have to choose which is your preferred option, out of:

  • Only visible to me – so nobody can see it.
  • 1st-degree connections (Only those connections where you have sent them or accepted their invitation can see your email address.) For the record, this is how I’ve set up mine.
  • 1st and 2nd-degree connections (Only those directly connected to you and those connected to your connections can see your email address on your profile.)
  • Anyone on LinkedIn (Any LinkedIn member viewing your profile can see your email address.). I’d suggest avoiding this option as you will get lots of approaches, inelegant sales pitches and spam.

Of course, if you have been selective about the connections you have invited or accepted you will be happy for them to have your email address and vice versa, but if you have over connected (see our blog) you might want to apply some of these settings.

You do have to consider that relationships and networking takes trust, good behaviour and communications so if you chose to connect, or hide contact details, it says a lot about you either way.

11 March 2019