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How to hide or unhide a recommendation you’ve been given

It’s great to receive a recommendation from a previous client or colleague (you might find our blog Understand (and trade in) the currency of recommendations helpful), but you might not want to display all of them if a particular recommendation on your profile is not valued by you or the person that wrote it reflects inappropriately on you.

You can’t delete a recommendation you’ve received and accepted but, never fear, you can hide the recommendation so no one else sees it.

To do this, click on Me at the top right of your LinkedIn page and select View Profile.
Then scroll down to your recommendations and click the edit button / pencil symbol on the right-hand side:

You will then see the screen below which gives you the option of asking for a revision or hiding the recommendation. To hide the recommendation just slide the show button to the left and it will say Hide.

Should you decide at a later date that you now want to display the recommendation just follow the steps above but slide the Hide button to the right so it says Show.

Simple to fix when you know how!

1 May 2018