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How to get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts

People often get quite focused on getting engagement through comments, likes, and shares as that is what you do on social media right?

Well yes, but of course LinkedIn isn’t social media, it is a social network and hence the “rules” and results can be very different – depending on why you are there and what outcomes you are seeking).

There are some simple things you can do to get more engagement if that is what you seek, and these include:

  1. Start your post in an engaging way – Only the first 220 characters (approximately) are visible so keep the first line(s) interesting and attention grabbing
  1. Try video! We all have a smart phone and some of your connections would like to see you, and hence engage more with a video
  1. Mix your formats – Yes, I spoke about video above but don’t just use video, use text, an image, a website link and video – different formats appeal to different learning styles
  1. Have a great network, not an audience – this can be counter intuitive and a killer to your posts and interaction levels. LinkedIn wants your connections to read what you post, or the algorithm won’t love you
  1. Share something others value – We all know “stuff” about our world and some of that you can share with others to help them. There is a fine line between sharing commercial “stuff” and useful “stuff” that you will need to find
  1. Get some good advice – Not self-promotional, but there is so much unfounded (polite choice of word) “advice” on how LinkedIn works so be careful who you learn from or listen to
  1. Hashtags throughout your post! Oh man please stop putting them all at the end like a shopping list! You can use 3-5 ideally and put them top, middle and bottom in amongst the text
  1. Be relatable – We all interact with posts that speak to us, relate to things we have experienced or been through so the more relatable your post the more interaction
  1. Cross promote – If you use multiple social, online, or real life channels then mention your LinkedIn posts on those too!
  1. Tone of voice – Sorry to point this out but almost everyone reads the posts from the people they know it that person’s voice in their head. Make sure you use your voice, your language, your style when you post

There you go some quick and easy things you can do to get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts, but there are so many ways to get more engagement on your posts that we ran out of space in this blog post so watch out for more coming soon!

12 December 2023