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How to get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts – part two

The previous blog with ten ways to get more engagement was super popular so here are ten more!

1. Name drop others – You need to be cautious here. When you name drop people (up to a maximum of five I’d suggest) they need to respond to your post in some way or the algorithm won’t love you.

2. Engage your own network – Many people don’t realise that when they post it DOES NOT go to all of their connections, that “pesky” algorithm gets in the way, but LinkedIn will always prioritise the connections that it perceives you have some relationship with because you interact with them, read their posts etc. Hence you need to engage your own connections.

3. News / theme jacking – There are always themes within business and LinkedIn that are topical, might be news or just an emergent subject or trend. Getting involved with these through what you post is likely to garner more engagement as they are more topical.

4. Be contentious – Now this one needs appropriate care. There is a time and a place for being contentious. Those subjects that are more divisive will often elicit a more polarised response and hence the need for caution. I am not talking about extremes here but simple things, for example, talking about the “#opentowork” green flag on LinkedIn (good or bad?) and what is more important sales or marketing?

5. Don’t get stuck in a rut – Whilst it is great to develop a regular posting habit, it is not so good if you only ever post in one style. I see lots of people that share a single line and a link. OK but it gives no indication of what you do, or the difference you make. Plus does your audience have time to go off and read that link? Try different formats – text, picture, link, video and more.

6. Tell a story / share an anecdote – Now I am not saying your story is fictional! I want you to keep it real, but these stories and anecdotes always resonate well with others and hence you are likely to get more engagement as they are relatable, conversational, and human.

7. Embrace your personality and humour – You have brand, if you like it or not. People like you and know you for your approach, language, style and humour so when you post on LinkedIn don’t suddenly put on that posh telephone voice – just be you. You might need to be cautious with humour as it often doesn’t travel as well in the written form as a conversation.

8. Be there more! Consistency is key – If you want to get seen and engaged with more often then simply be there more often! If you post twice in a week, you have twice as much chance of being seen, but never post more than once in a day, and that includes any reposts – they count as well.

9. Reply to comments – Imagine you’re at a face to face event and someone talks to you – would you acknowledge it or reply? Of course you would. Now imagine someone comments on your LinkedIn post – you should do the same. It demonstrates your present, you care, and also shares that interaction with some of your connections too – what’s not to like?

10. Ask for engagement and interaction – But not in a needy or obvious way. For example, I would never (ever!) end a post with Thoughts? But you could ask what other people think about X or “have you had this experience and what did you do” etcetera. Try to keep it conversational and “normal”.

So there you go another ten ways to get even more engagement, and you might also what to read our series of blogs about what to post on LinkedIn as it will really help you, and you can find all of these here but if you want to have a chat about learning more and getting me along to talk at an event just give me a shout.

19 December 2023