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How to get found more often in the LinkedIn people search.

LinkedIn uses a proprietary algorithm to present search results to each individual user and no one knows exactly how it works, but we do know you can influence where you appear by doing some simple things with your LinkedIn profile.

Below are some ideas for improving how you appear in the people search results on LinkedIn:

  1. Complete your profile – I know it sounds obvious but make sure you can be found by your current position, past positions, the schools you attended, what you studied, etc. All those comedic and different job titles might show your personality as standard job titles may be “boring”, but they are what other people search for.
  2. Add skills – Potential clients will be looking at your skills and hence you need to have a good mix of interpersonal and work skills to reflect your expertise when someone views. Also skills are among the most common queries performed by recruiters and hence even more important if you’re looking for a new role or position.
  3. Connect to all the people who you know or have a trusted relationship with – The more connections you have, the more likely you will have a connection to the searcher. Closer connections, such as a 2nd-degree connection compared to a 3rd-degree connection, improve the likelihood your profile may appear in searches. The caveat here is that those connections are also a reflection of you, your worth and perception and could easily be asked for an introduction or reference to you so keep those relationships real and trusted. Imagine if someone called one of your connections to ask what you were like? What would they say and would it be good?

Your profile completeness not only helps you show up in more searches, but also improves how relevant you are to someone else’s search.

Once they have found your profile and go to look at it other factors come into play such as recommendations and what you’ve said recently so taking a holistic approach to LinkedIn works best.

14 June 2021