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How to get admin rights on your LinkedIn company page

We often get enquiries from frustrated marketing teams and company leaders about why they can’t access a company page after an administrator has left, or they don’t know who their administrators are. Hence we decided to write this blog providing some simple instructions on how to resolve these issues.

Administration rights will always be automatically granted to the creator of a Company Page, according to LinkedIn, and hence only administrators can edit the page, add or remove other administrators and post company updates.

If you’re not sure if you have administration rights, then when you look at your company page you’ll see a blue “Edit” button or a “go to admin mode” at the top of your company profile page or underneath the “Me” option in the top menu you will have access on the pull-down menu.

To request administration rights from your existing administrator you need to have:

1. The correct (and confirmed) email address that you use at your company within your LinkedIn profile (if you’ve not check out this blog)
2. Have your current position with the company on your personal LinkedIn profile.
3. Go to the Company Page and scroll down until you see the “Want to help manage this page?” on the right-hand side.
4. Click “See admins” to see the list of current admins for your LinkedIn company page.
5. If you’re a 1st-degree connection of any administrator you can request to become an additional administrator for the company page straightaway, but if you’re not a 1st-degree connection of any administrator, you’ll will have to connect with them first before you can make a request.
6. If they then grant you administration rights the first thing we’d suggest is that you review, add or remove the administrators to ensure they’re correct going forwards!

LinkedIn are currently rolling out a new admin interface and if you have one that looks like the screenshot below we know from experience that this function is ‘temporarily’ unavailable.


If you want some ideas please do check out or follow our company page here.

LinkedIn Customer Support can’t edit the company approved administrator list themselves unless there’s a technical issue, but if you want to contact them directly you can reach them using this link here, and we would suggest when you contact them you explain the situation fully to save swapping notes for ages.

Of course if you want some help from us once you have admin rights then come along on our LinkedIn Company Profile course or just get in touch here.