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How to find the website URL link for your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn lets you have a website link that takes people straight to your LinkedIn profile which is a great way to both drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile, but most importantly see who’s been looking at you either from within LinkedIn or from finding your link on other social sites like Twitter or Facebook.

You can make good use of that public profile URL link such as:

  • Within articles that you write online as part of your by-line
  • In press releases or PR pieces
  • Within your email signature footer
  • Even as the website link on things like your personal Twitter accounts. Such as James’s below

URL link


People often to struggle to find the link so here’s all the ways you can track it down.

Use a search engine like Google.

If you are logged out of LinkedIn or use incognito / anonymous browsing search for the name of the person and the word LinkedIn and you will get a result like below.

Here you can see the URL in the first result highlighted in the circle.


Viewing your own profile on LinkedIn.

If you click on your own profile, either by clicking your image on the home page top left or via the “me” and view profile option you will notice in the web browser address bar there is a link. See below:

URL 3This link is the one you need to send people to.

Hopefully these two methods will help you to find your profile link and then use it more within your normal communications, check out our previous blog about creating a LinkedIn Signature block for you here.