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How to find a credible LinkedIn© (and other social media) trainer

If you wanted to find a LinkedIn© expert to develop your expertise how would you do it? Ask your friends? Do a quick Google search (and find over 25 million LinkedIn© trainers)? Or search LinkedIn?

Ok, you have lots of options but how do you find a good one? With LinkedIn© it is easy …

  • Review their profile; does it look good, better than the others?
  • Does their personal profile have recommendations from people and how many?
  • Do they have a company profile or company page?
  • Do they have a full company page with video, banners and recommendations on LinkedIn?
  • Do their recommendations read well? From people like you?
  • Does their web page look and feel good to you?
  • Do they know their subject? Does it have the right numbers on it for total users and accurate statistics?
  • Do they only do the platform you want to learn about?
  • Do they offer to do LinkedIn© for you? How? How can they know the people you know?!*&@!
  • Does their course content cover what you need? Does it sound sensible to you? For example if many say half a day and someone says an hour ask why.
  • Do they want to look good or make you look good?

Then talk to them, yes old fashioned I know, but talk to them, are they human, do they come across well and could you work with them?

I am constantly amazed how many “social media experts” follow what I do on LinkedIn© and Twitter (which I rarely get to and even more rarely update – it’s not my world), if they are an expert why follow me?

If you want an expert on Facebook or an expert on Twitter I will happily introduce you to some good people, but it is not me.

If you do want some help with LinkedIn© please do check out my personal recommendations here (http://uk.linkedin.com/in/thelinkedinman) and company recommendations here (http://www.linkedin.com/company/the-network-coach-limited) and feel free to give me a call +447802 392925