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How to edit a LinkedIn post to correct a mistake, or delete it

We’re all human and we all make mistakes sometimes, but why is it we only spot those mistakes after we’ve hit the post button on LinkedIn? Dang it!

There’s nothing worse but fear not for there is an easy fix for whatever has happened.

First some thinking:

  • Is the mistake material enough to change? After all the odd typo or spelling error just proves you’re human.
  • If it is enough to correct, you can edit your post to change the text you have typed, but you cannot change the attached image, document, presentation, or link so if you have an error there you can (and perhaps should) delete the post and simply repost the corrected version.

The good news is that both of these things are easy to do.

If you look at your post on LinkedIn (if you’re not sure where to find it, view your own profile, then select view all activity and select posts), on the top right corner of the post are three small grey dots, if you select them some options will appear as you can see below.

Simply select edit to edit (funnily enough), and you can amend it as you see fit. The only evidence of the correction is beside the top of the post it will now say edited, but that is better than the typo or error for sure!

If you select delete, you can then repost the copy on a new update to hide the evidence 😉

Hope this helps but if you want to find more useful information, insight, and thinking about LinkedIn do have a wander around the blog, if you want some free tips at the bottom of our home page here, but if you’d like to have a chat about learning more about LinkedIn or making it work for you and maybe your team or business then just give us a shout here.

3 October 2022