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How to control who sees what you post on LinkedIn

We’ve written a blog in the past looking at things you can write an update post on LinkedIn about (https://thelinkedinman.com/what-should-i-say-on-update-posts-on-linkedin/), and now we would like to tell you how you can control who sees what you post.

When you start to create a post, you can select who you want to see the post by clicking on Anyone (see image below).

When you click on Anyone you will get a dropdown list (see below for an example) and there are several options which you can choose from.

These vary a little depending on your own LinkedIn profile, for example, if you have Twitter linked to your LinkedIn profile, whether you belong to any groups, and whether you have any events set up.

Most of the time we’d suggest you use the Anyone option as this gives your post the best chance of being seen by the biggest audience, but occasionally you might want to do a post around a specific question that you feel only your connections can answer (your connections being the people you know and trust enough to value their opinion), or get some feedback on a project or something you’ve been working on and at that time connections only is a great option.

You might belong to a group of experts whose advise or feedback you value, and you can choose to send a post out to that group specifically.

A lot of time LinkedIn gives you more control, more options and better results when you know where to look, and we hope you find this blog helpful to get more from your posts, but if you want to learn even more don’t hesitate to get in touch.

8 June 2022