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How to close a LinkedIn account

Perhaps you have found out that you have more than one profile, perhaps you want to step back from LinkedIn, whatever the reason closing your account is a quite straightforward process as long as you can access the account (if you can’t then you need to visit this blog first).

1. Access your “Setting and privacy”

a. From the computer select the small picture of you top right, and then left click on “Setting and Privacy” from the menu.
b. From the mobile look at your own profile (most often clicking the small picture of you in the top menu), and once on your profile select the grey cog symbol, most often found top right.

2. Getting to your account management option on the computer you can select account preferences (see below)

Then on both computer and mobile just scroll down to the bottom and select “Close account”

3. In most cases that will start the process straight away, but if you run a group or have used one of the LinkedIn apps within your website or software you might have to relinquish those before you can start the process.

Hope that helps, but if you need any more help don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our blogs, or get in touch if you need some consulting help.

30 November 2023