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How to change the order of your current jobs on your LinkedIn profile

Increasingly we all seem to be evolving into multiple work interests be it two paid roles, charity roles or others and this makes LinkedIn profiles a little more interesting to craft.

The trend if often called a “portfolio career” or if fashionable “slashers”, these individuals have multiple professional role identities to manage but when you add a new role to your LinkedIn profile it will default to a most recent time basis which may not be great for you.

Ideally you want your main focus, the “thing” you are or want to be known for, first as this might be your main role or perhaps main income focus of the two or more present roles within your profile.

It is quite easy to swap the order of present roles on your profile:

  • Look at your profile and scroll down to your experience section
  • On the desktop or laptop browser version of LinkedIn if you put your mouse pointer over a present role, to the right hand side, up will pop a series of parallel lines, highlighted by the arrow below.

  • If you press and hold (left click on a mouse) these lines you will find you can drag and drop to change the order of the current roles into your preferred order
  • On the mobile view your profile, then click the pencil symbol to edit the experience section you will see reorder appear at the top of the screen, highlighted below by the arrow


You now look as you wanted to within LinkedIn with your current roles in the right order for you and that is a better reflection of you and your focus.

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19 October 2020