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How to Backup LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become business and personally critical for lots of people and businesses, but we sometimes forget to back it up!

Thankfully LinkedIn has a slick process to request a set of your data from the pc or laptop, but not available from the mobile at this point.

To request a backup:

  1. Go to your “setting and privacy” found under me on the top right-hand corner and left click that option.
  2. Select “Data privacy” on the left-hand side and then select “Get a copy of your data” as you can see below.
  3. You are then presented with “Export your data” options so that you can select what you want to extract and backup:
  4. Each category of data is sent as a file for you to delve into and is delivered in two parts. The first part is quite rapid and includes core aspects such as connections, companies you follow, messages etcetera and the larger archive will follow in around 48 hours via a link to your email and includes posts, comments, search queries etcetera and hence takes a little longer to produce.

It is worth mentioning that the data backup does not include any “who’s viewed your profile” data.

It is well worth backing your LinkedIn up regularly as we all become more dependent on it as a core part of our personal and business brand as well as part of our processes of our everyday work.

20 May 2024