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How to add a voluntary section to your LinkedIn profile

Not all work roles or jobs that we have are paid roles as it is always good to give back. If you’re not careful though your LinkedIn profile can get confusing as people try to work out which of your roles is the one you focus on or are good at.

If you’re volunteering or taking an unpaid role to help a professional body, charity or philanthropic organisation LinkedIn lets you add a specific section just for these.

If you have a voluntary role that you would like to add to your LinkedIn profile all you need to do is:

1) Go to your homepage and click on the Add profile section button which will open the box you can see in the diagram below:

2) Select the Volunteer experience option under Background and fill in the form that appears (see below), then click save:

And hey presto you have your voluntary role identified and separated within your profile.

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18 September 2019