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How to add a LinkedIn signature button to your email in Outlook

This blog was updated in February 2016 and you can find the updated version here.

I am often asked by people how to promote their LinkedIn profile and how to get noticed more.  LinkedIn gives you a range of options but there are also good options outside of LinkedIn and Outlook is one of the most popular.

A question I am often asked is how people have “those links” to their LinkedIn profile in their email signature blocks. Some people just include it like another contact field with telephone, email, website and LinkedIn profiles.

Others like to use the button that says view my profile or similar. If you’re using the 2010 version of Outlook you can follow these simple steps:-

1. Simply right click on this image and then save as

LinkedIn Button (Copyright LinkedIn) or you can use ours

View my LinkedIn profile from The Linked In Man


2. Save it locally to your desktop in a graphic file format such as .jpg

3. Then log into LinkedIn, go profile, view profile and copy your public profile URL from the top information box of your profile.

4. Go to your file (top left) then options then mail then signatures.

5. If you have an existing signature select it from the list, if not select new (if new then add in the text you’d like in your signature block apart from the LinkedIn element).

6. Then select where in your signature you’d like the button to appear, then click the graphic insert button highlighted in the image below in red circle.

7. Then, ensuring that you have selected the image first, hit the hyperlink button in the image below in the green circle.


8. Then paste the link to your public profile URL in the hyperlink box then click Ok, then OK again and for the last time OK.

9. Job done!

I hope that this makes your profile more obvious, more public, more accessible and more successful.

Look forward to hearing your comments and how you promote your LinkedIn profile URL outside of LinkedIn.

PS We created an additional blog post on how to add a View my Company Profile button in January 2016 which you can find here.



83 thoughts on “How to add a LinkedIn signature button to your email in Outlook

  1. Frazer

    Try to do this in Mail on a Mac. The hyperlink button does not appear as on the example shown. Any thoughts?

    1. James Potter

      Sorry Frazer I know Mac is different and not being a MAC user and even asking around I have yet to find someone with the solution.

      Best wishes,


      The Linked In Man

  2. Elaine

    Hi LinkedIn Man is it possible to add your company profile as opposed to personal profile to an email signature? Can’t seem to find this in the LinkedIn Help Center

    1. James Potter

      Hi Elaine, sorry this comment got lost in the volume, yes you can do this but you lose the ability to track who has looked like you can with a personal profile. You simply include the URL that is assigned to your company profile and heh presto. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

    1. James Potter

      Dear Graham,

      I am afraid I am not a Gmail user but if it supports both images and hyperlinks it should work just the same.

      Best wishes,


      The Linked In Man

    1. James Potter

      Yes you can in exactly the same process, but you miss out on the critical feedback of who has looked at your profile. Will put another blog up on how to do this soon for you.
      Best wishes,
      The Linked In Man

  3. Jeri-Lynn Woods

    I’m not sure how to do it with the image, but in Thunderbird you can create a signature using HTML, so you can just add a link to some text, such as “View my LinkedIn Profile”. (Of course, you have to know HTML! If anyone out there uses Thunderbird but doesn’t know HTML, I can help!)

  4. David Frankel

    Is there a way to add your profile to your signature if you use GMail instead of Outlook?

  5. Carol

    Hi – Thanks for this – question – i am trying to add this for an attorney where i work and when i click on his link from his computer, it does not display the full profile for him. When i send the email, it also does not open the full profile -you must click on view full profile – do you know why this might be happening? thanks.

    1. James Potter

      I suspect you have copied the link from the top of the screen as opposed to his public profile link.

      If you aren’t sure you have the right link then log out of LinkedIn, Google for his name and the LinkedIn page that comes up is the public profile.

      Click that link then copy the link from the browser address bar and use that for his signature.

      Hope that helps.

      Best wishes,


      The Linked In Man

    1. James Potter

      Hi Martin,
      You can download the logo from the post above 🙂 I do try to make it easy for you.
      Not being a Hotmail user I am not sure if you can embed images and hyperlinks in the signature but if you can then yes you can 🙂
      Best wishes,
      The Linked In Man

    1. James Potter

      Sorry Justin I don’t, but what you’re trying to achieve is to link a hyperlink to an image, if that helps you to work it through on Lotus Notes. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  6. Karen Pryor

    The instructions were simple and easy to follow – thank you! However, I use OWA a lot and it didn’t update to that and when I tried to cut & paste it in, the LinkedIn graphic came out as an empty box. Any suggestions?

    1. James Potter

      OWA is a weird beast I find, whilst I can make LinkedIn sing and dance I am afraid Outlook and OWA in particular is not my area. I hope you can work through to the answer for you. I know with OWA in my account it sometimes doesn’t show things as others receive them so I always email myself first to check, just a thought 🙂 Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  7. Dwight

    Hey LinkeIn Man I am trying to setup my mobile Samsung note 2 to use the linked In link but cant figure it out. Can you help with any ideas or way to make it work?

    1. James Potter

      Sorry Dwight, I’d missed your post – apologies. I am afraid I don’t know the answer as I am not the best with the mobile phone tech, my apologies. Hope you can work it through. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  8. Siana

    This was super easy!!! Thanks so much. It seems earlier versions of Outlook does not have the hyperlink and photo feature, any suggestions?

    1. James Potter

      I think the earliest version I had it work on was 2007, if I recall correctly. But the core to it is to associate a hyperlink to your profile from the image and heh presto. Hope that helps? Best wishes and have a fabulous 2014. James – The Linked In Man

    1. James Potter

      Great ! Thanks Catherine, I hope it works for you and please do sign up for the blog and we can keep you posted too 🙂
      Best wishes,
      James – The Linked In Man

  9. Walter Recher

    Hi James
    I am trying to figure out how to include a LinkedIn icon and link to my signature to a Linkedin Group my company has developed. How do I do this, and have it look like yours on this page (the “In” and “Follow” icons for LinkedIn)? Please let me know. Thanks.

  10. Eunice

    Is there a way to make the entire graphic link over without having to hit the “ctrl click”

      1. Robert

        Ah, when it actually sends it works as a rollover, without having to hit “ctrl click” to open the hyperlink, so it works perfectly.

        Thanks James! Very helpful.

        1. James Potter

          Happy to have helped 🙂 Watch this space or sign up for the blog to as there are some new (and awesome) buttons coming soon to supplement and enhance this one. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

    1. James Potter

      You’re very kind, glad it helped. Do watch the blog as there is some updates and new buttons coming soon and they (I think) are even better! Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  11. Aisling

    Hi linked in man, great page! just one thing, I want to use the ‘in’ logo as opposed to the larger one you have provided but I can’t seem to find one the right size for an email signature, can you help?

    1. James Potter

      Dear Aisling,

      The reason we created the button was that it is fully compliant with LinkedIn’s brand guidelines, which are quite comprehensive. However, watch this blog or sign up as there is a new button and even more buttons coming very soon. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

    1. James Potter

      Follow is a function of company profiles and at present I am not aware of any LinkedIn or 3rd party application that let’s that work as it sounds like you want it to. I’m sorry to say. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

    1. James Potter

      Great question Tania but you are already including your profile with every update so even more than your signature each time 🙂 Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  12. Solomon Neuhardt

    HI. Do you know how to do this for outlook for mac 2011? can’t get it to work. when I highlight the linkedin image in the signature and try to add the hyperlink it deletes the linkedin button and inserts text. Outlook asks for what the text should be for the hyperlink

  13. Gary Peyrot

    Hey LinkedIn Man. Can I add a button that people can use to automatically request to link with me? LinkedIn sends me HTML emails that have this feature but I don’t know HTML well enough to know how to do it.

    1. James Potter

      Not that I am aware of Gary plus I have to say I wouldn’t suggest anyone go down that route! I would always want to know the person I connect with before I hit accept for many many reasons. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  14. Richard

    Genius! Thank you. This also worked with Office 7 Outlook although the location of the Outlook signature is in Tools/options/Mail format/signatures.
    Be very careful to ensure you copy the correct URL as you have more than one: edit profile (which you don’t want to allow access to), connections and public. I’m not sure how the latter two differ when people click on your email. i chose public.

    1. James Potter

      The public profile is the one you want, to be 100% clear copy the link that shows just under your photograph when you view your profile NOT the one in the browser address bar. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  15. Amenemhat1

    Hi! I am interested in adding my LI photo on my signature. Is there a way to a LinkedIn HTML tag that dynamically loads my profile photo that I can add to my signature?

    1. James Potter

      Not that I am aware of I am afraid, you could use your photo as the image to hyperlink to your profile as an alternative to that just swap out the image here for your picture. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  16. jane

    i am still trying to understand the very last part. when i click on the green link it pops up a list of folders you must choose and then it has a box below where you are to put the hyperlink from your profile LI page? I am missing the last step. Can someone help? Thanks

  17. Jim

    Hi LinkedIn Man, I recognize you are LinkedIn Man, not Outlook Man, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. I have the link all set per your directions and it works almost perfectly. The one problem is when I click on the picture with the embedded hyperlink, Outlook 2013 wants me to Click + Ctrl before it will launch my LinkedIn profile. Are you aware if there is a way to eliminate the need for a Click + Ctrl in Outlook and to instead have it access my profile with just a Click? Thank you!.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Jim,

      I am not aware of one I am afraid, but fi you do crack it let me know. Best wishes. James – The Linked In Man

    2. James Potter

      Thanks for the smile Jim, I am definitely not the Outlook man but I know this is a limitation of Outlook sadly. Sorry I can’t help more, the good news is most users tend to just ctrl click anyhow 🙂 Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  18. Michael

    Any chance I can pull this off in gmail? It doesn’t seem to have the same feature as Outlook. Thanks.

    1. James Potter

      Yes you can Michael, if you wait to check out the blog later this week there is an updated post with Gmail and MacMail instructions as well as Outlook. Hope that helps. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

  19. Sally Asnicar

    I’ve been trying to put a .jpeg image of my logo into my headline on LI and it doesn’t work. I can’t paste. Any ideas if or how I can do this? Thanks.

    1. James Potter

      Hi Sally, I am afraid that functionality does not exist which is why you have struggled :/ Sorry. I’d also shy away from wing ding characters and caps as these are often not perceived particularly professionally. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

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