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How can I get to become Admin on a LinkedIn Company Page?

Every LinkedIn company page has an admin (or number of admins) who is a LinkedIn user at your organisation rather than a specific email address and password. To administer a company page you need to be a user on LinkedIn!

If you have admin rights you will find admin access if you go to the top right hand corner where it says “Me” on your LinkedIn profile. Hit the little downwards arrow next to it and underneath there in the middle of the list it will say “Manage” and your page – see below:

Sadly there is no way for me to tell you who this might be on your company page, or re-allocate the admin rights for you as I am not affiliated with LinkedIn in anyway, but as a team we teach it to other people hence trying to help with this blog.

What I would suggest is, if your team is small then just ask the current team to check under their “Me” in the top right of their profile to see if they have admin access. If your team is larger or to take a shortcut there is process you can use to request access which is:-

To request LinkedIn Page admin rights:

  • Ensure you have listed your current position with the organisation within your profile.
  • Go to the Page you’d like admin access to.
  • Click the More icon and select Request admin access from the drop down menu. See the image below for guidance.

  • When you click the option to “request Admin access” you will get a dialogue box pop up, as per the image below.

  • Click the checkbox to verify that you are authorised to become an admin of the Page.
  • Click Request access. You will see a notification indicating that your request was successfully sent.
  • The admin or group of admins will receive an email highlighting that you have requested access and give them the option to authorise your access as you can see below.

  • You’ll receive an email notification once you’ve been granted Page admin access.

That should fix it for you but if that doesn’t work. or the existing admin person does not respond to LinkedIn’s email asking for you to be granted access, the only option is to contact LinkedIn directly on https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/solve/contact

If you want some more help developing your LinkedIn company page, growing the followers or making it work don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

22 June 2020