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Has your profile become wallpaper at LinkedIn?



Well has it? Can you tell me the wallpaper in the restaurant where you had that party all of six months ago? No?

Well what makes you think that all those connections, those followers and those interested people you “engaged” with more than 6 months ago will remember you now? Come on be honest, can you remember them all? What they did? Who they found interesting? If they were “nice” people?

Well what’s the chance of them referring you work? Remembering you? What you do? How you help? The value you share with your clients? Yep you guessed it, nope.

You need to remind people about what you do, who you work with and how you help them across the full range of what you do, the services or products that help people to get better outcomes.

Within LinkedIn you can do this with status message, engage or start discussions about how you have helped, share some experience, comment (a bit like small talk and chat), you know like you do in real life but on LinkedIn.

It’s not rocket science is it? Just treat people like you (probably) know you should, it doesn’t take much time and if anything LinkedIn makes it easier to truly engage with everyone you know, seamlessly, consistently and will get you the engagement, the profile and the results that you deserve if you do it right and if you’re not sure then perhaps we should talk.