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Has LinkedIn put a prettier face on your profile?

After the recent changes to the home page LinkedIn has now moved on to give peoples profile presentation a makeover.


On the plus side there is much more focus on the image, name and professional headline. Photographs have always been important  but now they’re supersized and even more so.

The new format is simpler and hence much cleaner looking but includes a change in the focal elements. Gone are the obvious sharing options for profiles, requesting an introduction to someone you don’t know, leaving a recommendation (see the previous blog post) and the contact information.  This has all been hidden away.

You can find them all under the pull down arrow next to send InMail as you can see in the screenshot below.

BLOG IMAGE2 Prettier face of LinkedIn

Also now hidden away are the website links for everyone and contact details for your level one connections. These can both be found under the contact info option on the bottom right of the screenshot below.

BLOG IMAGE3 Prettier face of LinkedIn

I think it is a shame that the website links have been made less obvious, and less easy to find and check for someone’s background, as these are often a great reference and alignment check against a person’s profile.

I first saw the new format back on the 16th August but as always the new functionality will be rolling out to users in waves over time, and it is part of an overhaul that began last month with LinkedIn’s home page and I am sure will continue as LinkedIn constantly evolves.

What do you think of the new format?