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Groups to get facelift and give you 4 times more profile views

LinkedIn has been working on enhancing the interface of groups with a new look and feel in line with the menu and homepage presentation changes of late. It is about time they did this as it was starting to get tired and dated and we are delighted to see this change.

Below is an example of a new group interface

BLOG coffee group new example

As you will see it is much more streamlined, clean and clearer in line with the profile changes months ago.

This has already started rolling out and we like the new interface, particularly the way you get a banner image when you first come into the group and the easier way to select the popular or most recent threads of discussion.

With the release of the face lift they have also issued some new statistics around groups and they have discovered:

  • The average person belongs to seven groups
  • Two hundred new discussions start each minute on LinkedIn
  • More than 8,000 groups are created every week
  • Most importantly that those that engage in group discussions get over 4 times more profile views, so get engaging in those conversations in your groups.

They also made a headline that over 2 million groups have been created, which is fabulous and I have no doubt this is true but the number of groups alive has actually been shrinking, currently it’s just over 1.5 million as you can see below.

BLOG group face lift - image of number of groups

We think groups are great and there are great reasons to be running a group, but it is work, it takes time and you need to be sure you can fully commit to these things before you do them or they can tarnish your brand and inhibit your outcomes.

If you want a chat about groups or anything LinkedIn else just get in touch.


One thought on “Groups to get facelift and give you 4 times more profile views

  1. Ashley Price

    I am afraid I have to disagree about groups, all the ones I’ve ever belonged to have quickly become – if they’re “open” – deluged with spam and adverts from the members.

    If they’re “invite only” then, even with a large number of members (I ran one that had over 200), you quickly find they become wastelands, with the occasional piece of tumbleweed blowing across the screen. No matter what I tried to do to encourage members to post more often and despite their assurances, I was the only one posting anything.

    So how do you avoid either of these situations?

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