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Getting bugged by InMails? How to stop it permanently

One of things that annoys business leaders and those with good job titles is inMail messages. You might occasionally get an interesting one, but 99% are just unhelpful and we’ve worked with leaders that get 50 (yes 50!) per day, so no wonder.

Now whilst LinkedIn says these are great, and used appropriately they can be, 99% of people don’t use them that way, not realising it erodes their brand, the business brand, can get them into trouble within LinkedIn if the recipient considers them spam (watch out sales people), and can actually exclude them from a potential client conversation or in process deal you weren’t aware of (yikes!).

Any Premium members on LinkedIn can send InMail messages directly to other LinkedIn members, even if they aren’t connected to them, and the “salesy” types “Let me send you an impersonal cut and paste” are quite frankly irritating and just consume time you might not have to spare. But good news, you can stop them permanently!

If you are fed up with receiving these types of messages, you can opt out by following these steps:

  • Click on the Me icon at the top righthand of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Select Settings and Privacy, then select Data Privacy:

  • Under the Who can reach you section, select messages:

  • Then switch the toggle to No next to Allow others to send you an InMail, and hey presto, you should not receive any more InMail messages:

If you also find yourself getting caught in blanket brand based sponsored InMail message campaigns, you can also opt out of these above too.

Whilst InMail messages can be useful and used to reach a successful sales outcome, they are often applied without thought or research, and hence become an annoyance that you can now manage more successfully using the above techniques.

6 November 2023