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How to get into LinkedIn when you cannot get into your email

We all move on, we change job roles or change email accounts and only when we go to reset our LinkedIn password or logon do we realise we forgot to change our account email address (if you want to know how to change your email address on your LinkedIn profile read this blog).

If you were smart enough to put a couple of email addresses on your account (maybe work and home) you can always login with any of the other addresses on your account and problem solved, but if not you might think you’re in trouble but you’re not! LinkedIn has a process for this.

You can use a clever bit of tech that scans government issued ID such as driving licence, ID cards, passports and more (you can find a list for all countries and supported ID types here) to prove your identity and get your access back.

This might feel a little heavy, but you also have to bear in mind a) that some less honest people might try to reset your account to access your details so it cuts both ways and b) LinkedIn says they permanently delete your information within 14 days.

To get started, you’ll need:

1. Computer with a webcam or smartphone.
2. Government issued ID.
3. An email address where LinkedIn can reach you.
4. Access to a desktop computer.

Follow these steps on a desktop:

1. To start this process with LinkedIn click here.
2. Once you begin the identity verification process, you’ll be asked to take a photo of your ID with your smartphone or webcam.
3. Enter the email address associated with your account so that they can locate your account, and follow the onscreen instructions.
4. On the following page, click I don’t have access to my email address.
5. They’ll ask you for your current or new email address.
6. Then they’ll ask you to provide a valid passport or government ID.

I hope that helps you to get over the challenge of getting back into your LinkedIn account, but sadly from our side we cannot do anything from here as we’re not LinkedIn! But if you need any help to make it work, once you’re back on, then get in touch.