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Fed up with seeing invites to collaborative articles on LinkedIn? Well turn them off!

A few months back LinkedIn released collaborative articles to try and engage more people, to get them to share their perspectives, and expose some of their value and insight to others.

So, what is a collaborative article? They are often AI generated to try and get you involved in a conversation and if your answer is the most recognised (or you interact a lot with them!) you can become the “Top Voice” on that theme and get a badge for your profile – see the example below.

In this instance I answered I think one question, might have been two, on that theme and because so many people liked the answers I gave I become “Top Voice”. I could write a whole other blog on should I have been top voice, short answer no, I am not a business coach!

The good news is that you can turn them off if you don’t find them helpful (and it is simple to clean up that homepage feed) by simply disabling them.

If you go to your settings (under the small picture of me top tight on computer, and under the profile picture and then settings on mobile), then head to “Notifications” on the left (see below for computer image), then select where it says “Posting and commenting” as highlighted below.

From that option you will see the screen below where you can choose if you want to see them and via which method.

If you would like a shortcut you can select this link to take you directly to the right page in your settings https://www.linkedin.com/mypreferences/d/notification-subcategories/collaborative-articles from there you can choose to switch them off / on as you wish.

If you need any more help on your LinkedIn, reaching the outcomes you’re after, a LinkedIn talk at your event, or training your team then just get in touch.

30 January 2024