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Don’t forget the bells and whistles.

LinkedIn has taken time to ensure that a wide range of third party rich content providers can integrate with the platform, for the benefit of LinkedIn users. Using these rich content providers the right way will have a positive impact on your profile in search results, your credibility, and reputation. Yet for the vast majority of LinkedIn users, the bells and whistles are ignored.

If for example you produce video content for your company and it’s on YouTube, then you can embed those videos into status updates and your profile on LinkedIn. You can do the same if you wish to share videos on topics you know people in your sector are talking about. Using YouTube in this way has several benefits. It raises your profile, and supports search engine optimisation (SEO) activities if the video tags are the same as words on your profile or in your company website. It will make people want to share the content you post, and you will stand out as someone who is clearly knowledgeable in your sector.

Likewise, if you or your company has a WordPress blog, then you can connect that directly to LinkedIn through its WordPress application. This means that instead of directing readers to your blog they can read what you write on LinkedIn, as new posts will come up automatically in the stream of status updates. If what you write is read, shared and popular enough it will appear in LinkedIn Today, a news streaming service LinkedIn collates for users. Again, like with YouTube, this improves your search ranking and helps you impress with impact.

If you are posting things people want to read then they will remember you, and your reputation is enhanced. Clients will find you because you are talking about things they want to understand further. This makes you stand out from your competitors.

If blog posts and videos aren’t your thing, are you someone who regularly has to do a lot of slideshows and presentations in your role? Are these presentations useful? If that’s your preferred medium of communication, then LinkedIn has you covered. In May 2012, LinkedIn splashed out and bought SlideShare (an online slide sharing service) for $119 million. They did this because of how powerful it is to share content in this way. So it will come as no surprise that SlideShare integrates beautifully with LinkedIn.