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Does your personal profile on LinkedIn make you cash?

I am constantly amazed how many people I meet think that, to make LinkedIn work, you simply create what you think makes a good profile and then sit and wait for the “magic” to happen. I have just started a LinkedIn Poll here  to see what other people think. I’d love your vote there and also a comment here.

You are unintentionally doing the equivalent of walking into a room of over 150 million business professionals and standing at the edge, smiling sweetly (assuming you don’t have a paper bag on your head) and waiting for someone to come and talk to you. I never find that works for me networking in the real world or on LinkedIn, how about you?

In my view to make LinkedIn work you need to have a great profile (not just good – as 60-80% of people allegedly look you up on line before they decide if they should meet you), have a connection strategy (know, like, trust, who, what and most importantly why), take the right attitude and behaviours with you to make it work AND understand how the LinkedIn platform actually works.

This combination will then enable you to engage, to reach through referral, to be found and to achieve the goals you seek on LinkedIn.  If you are not sure how, perhaps it’s time to learn.Does-your-personal-profile