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Do you know “people you might know” on LinkedIn?

One of the often overlooked features on LinkedIn is the people you might know (PYMK) feature on the top right hand side of your LinkedIn homepage (you can find it here.

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This week LinkedIn released details of the feature update they will be releasing soon across the current 150 million plus users on LinkedIn with a more comprehensive version that makes finding new connections and filtering these a lot easier.

It suggests people that you might know that are already on LinkedIn by analysing your existing connections, your previous workplaces, profile and viewers to produce a categorised portfolio of potentially interesting connections.

If the feature hasn’t rolled out to you yet, you can try out the new version of “people you may know” here.

The first thing you will notice on the new page is the amended layout, there is a new row of icons at the top of the page, these are the networks from different parts of your professional life which LinkedIn’s algorithm has determined you may have contacts in.

You can also click the + symbol to expand to view all your networks, and click on one to sort the list by that organisation / company.

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There are a few other new features in this update.  First is the “Connect All” button, found beneath you network icons, once you have selected one. Click it to connect with all the individuals in that particular list at once, if you’re sure you want to.

Otherwise, just use the “Connect” button under each contact to connect with that individual and then a window opens for you to personalise your connection invitation to improve your chances of a successful connection and relationship from the outset. One big step forward is that you’re not sent to a new page, either, when you send an invitation to connect – it’s all done from within the page, much better in my opinion.

If you want to remove a person from one of your suggested contacts just hover over their card and click the X. That person will be removed and a new potential contact will appear.

Lastly the page has been designed with infinite scrolling so that once you reach the bottom of the page, new contacts will load, which saves you the hassle of clicking through multiple pages.