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Do you go networking with a paper bag on your head?

I regularly speak at events to over a hundred people or several hundred people at a time, yet whenever I ask it never ceases to amaze me how many people simply don’t have a profile photograph on their profile.

Ignoring that a recent poll on LinkedIn© said that people simply don’t trust profiles with no photograph, imagine trying to meet that person at a hotel, office, conference or coffee shop.  You are organised, smart phone in hand, LinkedIn© application up, looking at their profile photo – you’re just waiting for the person with a white box on their shoulders with a grey outline to walk in the door … oh dear.

Don’t get me started on logos on profiles, they are just as bad! How impersonal on a personal profile.

Do us all a favour? Head, shoulders, normal smile and professional dress (or suit chaps !) against a plain background. If you can get a professional shot, it makes you look just that – professional.

If you’re worried about having your picture all over the internet don’t be, LinkedIn© let’s you control who can see your picture.


3 thoughts on “Do you go networking with a paper bag on your head?

  1. Steve

    Totally agree, James. It’s always good to be able to put a name to a face, but ‘knowing’ that person before the meeting gives you that little bit more in advance.

    1. James Potter

      It can lead to even more advantages Steve, in my case already this year it has lead to the tipping point in two meetings on two occasions when there was no mobile signal and in a busy hotel lounge walked up to the person I am meeting and said Hi Mrs X great to meet you, I’m James.

      Of course they are dead impressed at my research and naturally I have put my phone with their profile and picture in my pocket before I say hi 🙂

      Thanks for the kind comment.

      Best wishes,


    2. James Potter

      Also makes them a lot easier to find and meet them once you get there too.

      Thanks for the kind comment Steve, and love the business name.

      Best wishes,


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