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Do you have a discussion or shout on LinkedIn?

I had a wry smile today to get the list of updates through on one of the groups I am in on LinkedIn which had 118 new discussions and 1 (yes one!) comment. I am in a few groups, run a couple, help lots of huge companies make LinkedIn work but yet felt compelled to start a discussion thread in this group just to get a reaction, or perhaps I wouldn’t …

To be more efficient I manage most of my group interaction using the notification features where LinkedIn will send you a note instantly, a daily summary or a weekly summary. I can get through 50 groups in around 20 minutes and keep visible and up to date. If you think you’re drowning in these types of messages you can manage all the group updates in your settings (under your name on the top right hand corner) to manage frequency or even turn them off.

Of course I join groups where my clients go as opposed to groups full of people that look like me …. you wouldn’t do that would you? The number of people I meet that say groups doesn’t work for them as they are in a group of people that look just like them and they never find a client – well shocker. Let’s take the example of accountants, over 1,200 groups for accountants and they are all full of … accountants wondering why there are no clients there, why would a potential client join a group full of accountants? It is a great resource for keeping the pulse on your industry, in sharing empathy, cathartics and more, but clients .. nope you will find them in groups of business owners, industry groups and more.

On a quick glance a lot of the “discussions” are not really discussions they are blatant read my blog, buy my stuff, shout shout about my “stuff”, I am fabulous type messages. Why is it that people feel the need to do this on LinkedIn? Are they not really good? Do their connections and network not do this for them?

Is it that they think shouting works? Is it that they think by posting the same thing in up to 130 groups (yes that is the limit if you know what you’re doing, scary in itself!) they will get work?

It must take hours and my first thought is that they obviously have NO WORK if they have time to do this stuff.

What’s your view of “discussions” in LinkedIn? What examples have you seen of good or bad discussion threads and themes?

I am intrigued to see the response in the group I posted into; I wonder if I might double the previous real discussions by perhaps getting two comments in a month.


2 thoughts on “Do you have a discussion or shout on LinkedIn?

  1. Adrian Bold

    Recruitment agencies seem to constantly promoting jobs as discussions. I can’t work out if they think they are being clever or just ignorant.

    The others are those where it says something like “I’m going to be at {insert event}…”. Clearly, this isn’t a discussion but it’s also hardly a promotion either so I’m never sure whether to flag. Typically, I just go on my merry way…

    I do wish discussions would be left as just that or, at least, a link to something genuinely of interest but, I guess, if someone is giving an opportunity to broadcast about their business, some will just take it.

  2. clareevans

    I agree with Adrian – I’ve got a little bored and frustrated with Groups on LinkedIn – most of the one’s I’m part of are full of anything but ‘discussions’ – promotions, job postings, the same post in multiple groups, links off to other people’s articles, sites and blogs.

    Few actually result in much discussion … unless the topics involves parking and Brighton! 🙂

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