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Contacting clients more often than Father Christmas

I was talking to over 100 accountants a few weeks back and over the lunch break, when I had my badge off as always (I like to be as
anonymous as I can at events and have much more interesting conversation pre talk) I had some fascinating conversation about fears.

The one that struck me most was a concern that social media generally disconnected them from their client relationship.

This sparked my interest greatly and I just had to ask – how come? Well social media is so “distant so impersonal” they said. Interesting … how often do you see you clients? Annually for their accounts – oh dear, come in Santa Claus your time is now.

So … if you sent them a message, perhaps shared some news, kept them up to date with the range of great outcomes you give to other clients – do you think that might work? Oh yes maybe I hadn’t thought about it like that.

It is not like St Nick, all your clients hold the “presents” and you want them, you need them, maybe you think about them only once per year but never forget who has all the money to buy the presents.

Now back to Father Christmas – he is (children look away) a myth and if you’re not careful your clients might be too.


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