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LinkedIn Company profile infographic & 3 tips to get followers

We can’t help it, we all make assumptions about things and LinkedIn is no different.

Just last week I was talking with a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who proudly told me that companies like theirs didn’t use LinkedIn … Oh really? When I showed him how many companies were on LinkedIn and what they used it for he was horrified!

Company pages on LinkedIn have very different functionality to personal profiles, for example they can personalise the update you see based on your profile – yes that’s right personalised and contextualised updates for free!

Here’s an infographic about company profiles on LinkedIn – where they are, how many and what size for you to enjoy.

LinkedIn company profile infographic

It is also easy to get even more followers for your company page and here’s 3 quick tips:

  • Ask people – it might sound obvious but have you asked people to follow your page?
  • Cross promote LinkedIn onto other platforms
  • Put a follow my company profile button on your email signatures (not sure how – see this blog)

For some more ideas you might want to check out or follow our company profile, but if you want some assistance then check out our company profile help or get in touch.

23 July 2018