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Company page updates on LinkedIn – To pin, or not to pin

You might not have spotted on your LinkedIn company page but a little while ago LinkedIn gave you the option to stick (or “pin” in LinkedIn speak) an update to the top of your page of update posts to give it maximum exposure.

If you click the little three grey dots beside any company page update you can select it easily, as you can see this in the image below:

Now it would be easy to simply end this blog here, but there’s more to this.

Since this came out there has been a rush to use it, as there always is with anything new, but you do need to use it with caution.

For example, if there is a post about a topical theme or event you would rightly pin it in place, and I’d be the first to say well done. Then all the following posts you put out appear underneath of it, keeping it front and centre – perfect!

But if that was a time-based event and it is still pinned there months later – that is not so good as it makes your brand look out of date, unprofessional and like it perhaps doesn’t care as much as you do.

27 September 2022