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Do you collect or connect on LinkedIn?

If you met someone that could be massively influential on your commercial future or success you wouldn’t say hi Mr (or Mrs) Prospective Customer would you?


No of course not! You’d be more personal and professional and say “it’s lovely to finally get to meet you face to face Bob (or Mary)” or something similar wouldn’t you?

Now – how about on LinkedIn?

Met that person and then going to send them a connection? You wouldn’t send the standard “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” would you?

Not very personal is it? Not very appreciative of their time is it? Actually it’s not you is it – it’s just a template and you never thought that we all know it’s a template did you?

“Dear Prospect, I’d like to prove I don’t care about you …!” Oh no! There you were talking to me about how nice it was to meet me, the importance of relationship and the high levels of professionalism and customer care that you offer and then you ruined it!

What about when someone accepts the invitation, do you just think yes / great / yippee or do you say thanks for accepting, great to be connected or something similar, you know what you would say face to face after a meeting.

There are no secrets to making LinkedIn work it is just about being you as you are when you’re face to face. Be as professional as you are and make it work for you to get you where you need to be. After all it’s a small world and you never know who knows who, but LinkedIn does and can help you make your network work for you too.

If you’re struggling then perhaps we should talk. I know how old fashioned …